Alexander Lyons is a character on Chicago PD. He is in the Intelligence Unit and is the foster son of Hank Voight.


Alexander was abused as a child by his real dad and he was saved by Hank and Lindsay. After being saved by Hank Alexanser later joined the Intelligence Unit of the Chicago Police Department. He later went under the aliases Alex after his foster sister Lindsay called them that one day. Alexander later decided to join the FBI instead because he was tired of putting his foster family in constant danger. After he joined the FBI Alexander only kept in contact with Lindsay because he had felt he had betrayed his foster father after leaving Intelligence.


  • Erin Lindsay (foster sister)

Alexander met Lindsay after he was taken in by Hank. He later revealed that he cared a lot about her and wanted to protect her with his dear life.

  • Hank Voight (foster father)

Alexander seems to always to defend his foster father from those who argue with him.


  • Once Alexander joined the FBI he caught a corrupt agent.
  • He was betrayed twice by corrupt agents.
  • One of his aliases is Gabriel Logan who was the main character of Syphon Filter.
  • Half of the episodes Alexander was only mentioned and never seen.
  • On his days off he takes his 1972 Chevy Nova onto the Route 66 Raceway and races.
  • He was shot 10 times during his life time, but after the 10th time Alexander finally died.
  • His death broke Erin Lindsay's heart.