Julia Halstead
Julia Halstead
Full Name Julia Alice Halstead
Status Alive

Jules, Younger Halstead, J, Hales

Julia Olmstead (cover name)

Affiliation Chicago Police Department


FBI Agent (formerly)

Rank Detective

Sebastian Finch (former)

Antonio Dawson


Elliot Halstead (older brother) William Halstead (cousin)

Jay Halstead (cousin)

Sebastian Halstead Jr. (son)

Lilly Halstead (daughter)

Enemies Kallie
Season Debut 1 (fanon)
Portrayed by

Rose McIver

Jade Pettyjohn (young)

Julia Halstead is a member of Intelligence Unit and partners with Antonio Dawson. She is the cousin of Jay and Will Halstead. She is a former FBI Agent stationed in Washington D.C. She is the mother of Sebastian Jr. and Lilly Halstead. She is ex-partners with Sebastian Finch.

Julia is portrayed by Rose McIver.


Julia is the cousin of Jay and Will Halstead who lived in Buffalo, New York. She always wanted to be a FBI agent. She took martial arts class, played volleyball, and took boxing lessons. She was on the track and field team.

Julia was a champion in all the sports she participated and she never brags about it to anyone.

She would visit her cousins every holiday. Julia never celebrated with her family due to the fact that none of her siblings supported her ideas and choices. She and Jay have been the close cousins and they would do anything for one another. Jay was protective of her and supported her with the decision with joining the FBI.

Joining the FBI

Julia graduated top of her class and is located to Washington D.C.. She is partnered with a guy named Sebastian Finch. They got along fine, but Julia starts having feelings for him. Her teammate Kallie notices this and tries to destroy the relationship.

Julia and Kallie never got along due to the fact that they both have feelings for Sebastian. Kallie tried many times to get Julia to quit or fired, but failed each time. Nobody noticed this happening expect for Clark. Clark tries to help Julia to stop Kallie from doing this, but makes it even worse.

Sebastian and Julia would always go on undercover operations together as a couple. Julia doesn't realize that Sebastian never had feelings for her when she overhears his conversation with Kallie. Julia decides just to do one more mission with him.

Last Mission

Julia and Sebastian had to pose as a married couple for a mission to go undercover with a gang. Julia poses as the supporting wife and Sebastian is supposed to be a gang member. Julia gets into a fight with Sebastian and pretends she leaves him.

Sebastian finds her and brings her back and yells at her for leaving her husband. She yells at him and they fought. Julia never told him she isn't coming back.

She brings her resignation paper to her boss and leaves the next day for Chicago. She contacts her cousin Jay for a job in the police force. Jay gets her a job with the Intelligence Unit in District 21. She is surprised that her cousin wanted her to join Intelligence and work with him.


She is assigned to be partners with Antonio Dawson and they become quick and close friends. She joins his boxing club, so she can be freshed up in her skills. She tells him about her former partner and how the last mission went. She gets along with 


Sebastian Finch

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Sebastian Finch
Jullia became partners with Sebastian once she joined Washington D.C. unit. She started to have feelings for him after a couple months of working for the team.

Julia and Sebastian would do missions together as a couple, but Sebastian doesn't feel the same way when Julia over hears him asking Kallie out. Julia is upset about this and decides to leave the FBI after one last undercover op. She isn't happy with the decisions he made with the last mission and how he would now always put Kallie first not her. 

Julia leaves the FBI without saying bye to Sebastian. She finds out she is pregnant with his child a couple months later. She names one of the kids after him even though their friendship ended badly.

Sebastian finds out she left and he is really upset about this. He realizes that he has feelings for and breaks up with Kallie. He has a goal to find her.


Julia is a tom boy, fearless, independent, talented, confident, generous, reliable, trusting, honest, brave, useful, open minded, trustworthy, and loyal. She never lies to anyone. She never brags to anyone about accomplishments. She doesn't like wearing makeup.



  • Julia and Antonio are good partners and friends. Antonio is the god father of Lilly Halstead.